Dine at Bay Avenue

With an eclectic mix of Food & Beverage offerings that showcase a variety of local and international cuisines, Bay Avenue has something for everyone. From healthy eateries and popular coffee shops to convenient fast food and more dining options, the destination offers a wide selection to suit every palate.

Places to eat near me

Bringing you some of the best Indian flavours, Bay Avenue offers multiple dining options such as Kamat Restaurant, Gazebo, Café Funkie Town, Bikanervala and Moti Mahal. If you’d like to get a taste of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours, be sure to visit Tangerine Restaurant and Farsi Restaurant.

Breakfast spots

For the early risers, you can discover great breakfast spots such as La Brioche and have a fresh brewed cup of coffee at either Tazzina Café, Costa, Caribou Coffee or Starbucks. If you’re interested in healthy eating options you can visit Kcal Healthy Fast Food or Zaatar W Zeit and finish your healthy meal with a refreshing drink at the Filli, or Sheikh & Shake.

Sweet spots

If you’re looking to fulfill a sweet craving then Salé Sucré Pâtisserie, La Fragola Cafe Gelateria are the places to go.

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